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A Ghostly Dinner

*Dates To Be Announced*

A candle light dinner and program served and presented by costumed hostesses. Mourning customs, ghost experiences in the residence and area are included. Enjoy additional tales and truths at Historic Elm Springs when scheduling permits with cemetery and house tour. Special presentations in September and October. Off season dinner and tour upon requests for at least 15-20 guests.

A Southern Saga

A Southern Saga by Linda Gupton

The story of Franklin Gillette Smith and the founding of the Columbia Athenaeum.The Smith family lived in the Rectory for three generations from 1838-1973. The Female Institute was located to the west of the home, and the Athenaeum was located to the South of the home. Cost $24.95 and can be purchased in the office or historic sites in Maury County. Add $6 for S & H.

A Christmas Event

Maury Christmas Historic Home TourHamilton Place

Maury Christmas Historic Home Tour features majestic historic homes, including the Athenaeum, the James K. Polk Home, Rippavilla Plantation, Ferguson Hall, Elm Springs Plantation and many private historic homes. Costumed docents will lead tours featuring dramatic reenactments, musical and vocal performances, the "Ghosts of Christmas Past" tours, and the Polk Exhibition Hall with the White House Historical Society exhibit on Sarah Polk's fashions of the early 1800's. Christmas Tea, Luncheons and Dinners will be served at various restaurants and sites around Maury County.

For More Information, visit the Maury Christmas website.