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How To Get College Hookups With Sexting

It’s no secret college students love sex. In fact, most of us would probably rather get laid than study for tests or finish that paper due the next day. But how do you get your college partner interested? One way is to use sexting!

Sexting has become very popular over the years with all sorts of social media and apps available. Some of these services allow users to send nude photos or even videos. This may seem scary at first but it doesn’t have to be. If done right, sexting can turn a college hookup into something more.
Here are some ways to make sure you get lucky this semester:

1) Don’t Be Scared Of Sexting

Some people think using sexting means they are cheating on their partners, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If done right, it will only add to the relationship and help you two grow closer. However, if you do sext your partner without their consent, you could end up in trouble. So don’t be scared to talk about it with them and ask permission before sending any nude pics.

2) Have Fun With It!

It might be tempting to send a few sexy selfies just for fun but doing so without having a conversation beforehand will probably not work out well. Take your time and plan what you want to say before sending anything. The goal here is to have a good conversation and have fun while doing so.

3) Think About What You Want To Say

Sexting is about getting yourself turned on, but there are other reasons why you might want to use this method. If you’re trying to show off or impress someone, then this could be the best option. On the flip side, if you want to show your partner how much you care about them, this is a great way to do that as well.

4) Make Sure Your Photos Are Good

No one likes bad pictures, especially when it comes to sexting. Don’t try to take pictures in dark rooms with poor lighting. Instead, use natural light and take pictures from a variety of angles. This will help your photos look better and give them a more professional look.

5) Use A Proper App

When you start using sexting apps, make sure you use one that is secure and easy to use. For example, Snapchat offers an app for college students that allows them to share photos, videos and text with friends. It also has a feature where it can blur your face to protect your privacy.

6) Don’t Go Overboard

Just because you have the ability to send pictures, doesn’t mean you should send a lot. Don’t go overboard and send every little thing you can think of. You need to keep a level head and remember that you are both adults.

Sexting can be a great tool for college couples and even college single men. So if you haven’t already started using it, now is the time. It may seem intimidating, but once you get used to it, it’s actually pretty easy. Just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!