It’s obvious that we like to follow and stalk our favorite celbs on every social media platform, and now we can creep their lives away on Snapchat.  Celebrities are now sharing their morning acai bowls, dog walks, behind the scene video, and the ultimate selfies with fans everywhere through Snapchat. 

Because lets be real, if you don’t follow Kylie Jenner and her ridiculous 200 second story of her and her huge lips, then what are you really doing with your life? Here is a list compiled of the hottest snap sluts you need to follow right now.


Snapchat name: rihanna

Superstar Rihanna shows off her ghetto-fab side on her Snapchat. Rihanna has a Twitter account just for her Snapchat that has over 5,000 followers. Rihanna’s Twitter account is very interactive with other celebrities just like her twitter. Catch Rihanna giving shout outs all over Snapchat. Known for her killer Snapchat toilet selfies, this is one of the hottest Snapchat accounts. Rihanna attempting to kill a big with a pair of Louis Vuitton’s on one of her recent posts is only one of the many reasons to follow this diva.

Dillon Franics

Snapchat name: dillonfrancis

Dillon Francis is one of the funniest artists on Snapchat. He used Snapchat to share his debut album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule before it was officially released. Dillon is familiar with the poop emoji that frequents his stories often. Dillon takes us behind the scenes of him playing in Vegas, and at huge music festivals. Dillon doesn’t hold back with fans, as he will take you into the bathroom with him where he shaves his beard via selfie cam. You can also catch him sharing videos as any of his notorious characters he plays. Francis likes to openly humiliate other Dj’s via Snapchat. This guy is a must add on Snapchat.

Kylie Jenner

Snapchat name: kylizzlemynizzl

If you want constant updates on Kylie’s new hair color or what toy her two dogs are playing with, look like this is the account for you. Learn how to contour your own face via Snapchat because Kylie uses her front cam for a mirror. Oh, and if you want to see Khloe twerking, Kris’s newest face work and Kylie biting Tyga… look no further. She also sings a lot in to the camera, just to warn you. Some may say that adding Kylie on Snapchat is the best decision they have ever made. 

Miley Cyrus

Snapchat name: mileycyrus

You never know what you’re going to see with this one. Her Snapchat will show you what it’s like to live inside the wild mind of Miley. You can expect to see questionable outfit decisions and a lot of weird emojis. Follow Miley to see what animal of the week she is trying to save, her crazy outfit choices, and of course her family, friends and dogs. You can see Miley throwing up rainbows with Snapchats new update that lets you add real-time effects to your photos or videos.


Snapchat name: djcarnage

This EDM character has a Snapchat account that allows his fans to travel all over the world with him. Carnage was just in Tokyo where we got a chance to see his huge nightly feasts, behind the scenes of his performances, and the lifestyle in Tokyo. Carnage’s Snapchat will give you a look into his party lifestyle. You can follow this crazy guy and expect to see him partying with other well-known DJ’s such as Tiesto. You’ll want to party all night and travel all over the world with this guy on your feed.

Justin Bieber

Snapchat name: rickthesizzler

JBiebz will show you his OOTD, everyday. This cutie has girls all over the world freaking out on Snapchat. Beiber posted his Miami vacation that even gave a quick second to see he was Hailey Baldwin. Beiber promoted his Snapchat on his Instagram and Twitter that got over 78,000 favorites, so we can see some more of this mega pop-stars life. 


Snapchat name: tiesto

Oh, Tiesto. What a crazy human. Thank you for all the times you post Snapchats of your awesome life on tour and of yourself partying with girls half naked. Tiesto’s the kind of DJ you follow to watch all debauchery if you don’t want to apply the EDM lifestyle to your own life. Tiesto will send outright ridiculous Snapchats because he can and because no one can judge him because well, he’s famous.

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